Group 68

25.-28. October 2023



International videogame festival connecting creativity, art and business aspects welcoming all fans of videogames in beautiful city of Kosice, Slovakia. 


Kasárne, Kulturpark

Game days 2023 is happening close to the Kosice city centre in Kasárne, Kulturpark.

The easiest way to get there is by bus No. 16 from train station and get off at the stop named Kasárne, Kulturpark.

Feel free to contact us with any questions you might have at

Gems of the city

Saint Elizabeth Cathedral

East Slovak Museum

Jacab's Palace

State Theatre

Games are a worldwide
phenomenon of today

Some may find entertainment in them, whereas for others it might be their everyday bread and butter, some might seek a space to unleash their artistic skills and creativity, others could percept it as an exquisite business or investment opportunity.

Prominent figures from the Slovak and international game development sector present their invaluable experience with progressive videogame creation to industry professionals and the general public.

The festival aims to raise awareness about videogames and spread information about new exceptional games in development. It is also a platform that promotes networking among professionals from the game development industry.

The first edition of Game Days was originally launched in parallel with the international festival of animated films Fest Anča in Žilina in 2014.At a time when there were no international events in Slovakia aimed at professional game developers, Game Days filled the hunger for such an event in a event characterised by creativity, playfulness and crossections with animated film production.
Game Days as an independent has been flourishing. We started driving the game dev community in two bigget epicentres - Western part by a separate track held in Trnava in spring and the Eastern part by another held in Košice in Autumn.
Game Days becomes an established event gamedevs are looking forward to setting a tradition with two separate events. Even if it all started out as a regional activity to organize an event for the local communities to meet at least once in a year, we were excited to find out, we got the whole gamedev community meet twice a year - once in Trnava and once in Košice. This is what drives us to try harder every year.
The year 2020 was strongly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, so we were left with no choice but to move the event completely to online in the last minute. Visitors thus gained the opportunity to enjoy the entire GAME DAYS 2020 programme with the subtitle Online Edition from the comfort of their offices or living rooms. On the other hand, we all lost the opportunity to meet in person and have a relaxed chat with fellow game devs about all our latest impressions, troubles and success stories. We strongly believe year 2020 was an exception and that in the coming years we will be able to meet you again in person.