Last year highlights

Last year was our biggest year yet! We had more than 500 attendees, 30+ speakers, showcase, Job Fair, workshops and even 3 afterparties. Our yearly event has something for everyone, whether you’re a developer or just interested in learning more about this vibrant industry. 

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For some, they offer a source of entertainment, while for others, it’s their primary livelihood. While some see it as an outlet for their artistic talents and imagination, others view it as a valuable business or investment opportunity.

Prominent figures from the Slovak and international game development sector present their invaluable experience with progressive videogame creation to industry professionals and the general public.

The festival aims to raise awareness about videogames and spread information about new exceptional games in development. It is also a platform that promotes networking among professionals from the game development industry.

The first edition of Game Days was originally launched in parallel with the international festival of animated films Fest Anča in Žilina in 2014.At a time when there were no international events in Slovakia aimed at professional game developers, Game Days filled the hunger for such an event in a event characterised by creativity, playfulness and crossections with animated film production.
Game Days as an independent has been flourishing. We started driving the game dev community in two bigget epicentres - Western part by a separate track held in Trnava in spring and the Eastern part by another held in Košice in Autumn.
Game Days becomes an established event gamedevs are looking forward to setting a tradition with two separate events. Even if it all started out as a regional activity to organize an event for the local communities to meet at least once in a year, we were excited to find out, we got the whole gamedev community meet twice a year - once in Trnava and once in Košice. This is what drives us to try harder every year.
The year 2020 was strongly influenced by the coronavirus pandemic, so we were left with no choice but to move the event completely to online in the last minute. Visitors thus gained the opportunity to enjoy the entire GAME DAYS 2020 programme with the subtitle Online Edition from the comfort of their offices or living rooms. On the other hand, we all lost the opportunity to meet in person and have a relaxed chat with fellow game devs about all our latest impressions, troubles and success stories. We strongly believe year 2020 was an exception and that in the coming years we will be able to meet you again in person.
During the pandemic in 2021, Game Days online broke viewership records. It featured talks, panels, and workshops on game design and programming, highlighting industry innovations and trends. The event underscored the community's commitment to advancing the event, despite the challenges posed by the pandemic.
Our most successful year yet. An amazing experience with more then 500 people on site and speakers from around the world. The impressive attendance demonstrated the growing popularity and importance of game development in Slovakia. Featuring a panel from the Ministry of Culture of Slovak Republic.
Game Days 2023 built upon a strong foundation, introducing significant enhancements including an additional stage dedicated to Indie Studios, enriching the conference's content and appeal. The event attracted a diverse international audience, showcasing its global reach. Onsite attendance saw a substantial increase, reflecting the growing interest and importance of the conference in the game development community.
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