Lectures, workshops, showcase, contests, Job Fair

Developers, students, enthusiasts, gaming studios

Discover the latest indie game development innovations at our showcase. Engage with industry experts through informative lectures and workshops. Compete in exciting contests and connect with top employers at our Job Fair. Join us for an unforgettable conference experience!


Learn game design principles and insights from industry experts. Topics include mechanics, aesthetics, and narrative, along with emerging trends and technologies. Gain valuable insights for creating engaging gaming experiences.


Explore the ins and outs of game production with industry experts in our segment. Discover tips and strategies on project planning, team management, and quality assurance to ensure your game’s success.

Job Fair

Connect with top employers in the game development industry at our Job Fair. Discover exciting job opportunities and network with industry professionals to advance your career. Don’t miss this chance to make valuable connections and take your career to the next level.

Workshops & more

Unleash your creativity at our art activities segment. Join other attendees in hands-on workshops led by talented artists in the game development industry. Explore a variety of art styles and techniques, and learn how to apply them in your own game development projects. Get inspired and discover new ways to express yourself through art.

Indie Showcase

Discover the latest indie game development innovations and talent at our showcase. Experience the creativity and passion of talented indie developers as they present their projects. Explore a variety of game genres and styles, and get a glimpse into the future of indie games. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to connect with the indie game development community.

Networking & Matchmaking

Expand your professional network and forge valuable connections with other game development professionals at our matchmaking segment. Engage in one-on-one meetings to share ideas and experiences. Achieve your goals and take your career to the next level.